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Construction Management

Our references

Renovation home property

Object: Home property

Customer: Foundation Werkheim Uster

Project: SIA phase 3-5

Construction volume: approx. 103,000 CHF

Services (excerpt):

  • coordination with preservation authorities
  • gentle cleaning of listed fa├žades
  • painting work under own mixture of oil paints for the preservation of the building substance and suitably to the year of construction of the buildings
  • wooden cross sticks were replaced and repaired 

Renovation apartment building

Customer: Investment Foundation of UBS for Pension Funds c/o UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG

Project: SIA phase 2-5

Construction volume: approx. 4,300,000 CHF

Services (excerpt):

  • extension of the attic compartments in attic flats
  • kitchen and bathroom renovation incl. the strands
  • new electrical installation and central heating system incl. boiler, connection to district heating network
  • installation of a controlled ventilation system for all apartments
  • energetic restoration

Renovation apartment building

Customer: Investment Foundation of UBS for Pension Funds c/o UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG

Project: SIA phase 1-5

Construction volume: approx. 4,000,000 CHF

Services (excerpt):

  • complete replacement of kitchens and bathrooms incl. pipes of 6 apartment houses
  • installation of new windows on GF and in the bathrooms
  • installation of new apartment entrance doors incl. associated locking system
  • flat roof renovations- Complete replacement of electrical installations

Reconstruction of production building

Object: Production buildings

Customer: GABA Therwil GmbH

Project: SIA phase 2-5

Construction volume: approx. 3,000,000 CHF

Services (excerpt):

  • conversion from production to office
  • energetic rehabilitation
  • adaptation of the existing ventilation system
  • asbestos removal- Development of workplaces
  • assembly of restroom facilities
  • replacement of electrical installations
  • assembly of glass partitions with increased requirements

Renovation office buildings

Customer: Swisscontact 

Project: SIA phase 1-5

Construction volume: approx. 360,000 CHF

Services (excerpt):

  • ventilation adjustments
  • assembly of lightweight construction and glass walls
  • adaptation of the fire protection concept
  • alignment of the raised floor and installation of the required floor boxes
  • installation of new floor coverings
  • adjustment work of the cooling ceilings
  • assembly of new IT installation
  • various painting works